Gervais says he’s pro-euthanasia

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British comedian Ricky Gervais has said he is pro-euthanasia, joking that he hopes one day he will be able to walk into a chemist and ask for a pill to end his life.


The Office star has bemoaned the “out of sight, out of mind” culture towards old people in the UK and America.

Speaking on the topic of assisted dying, he says: “You should be allowed to die with dignity and say when you’ve had enough.”

Gervais has also revealed he has been offered a slot as alter ego David Brent at Glastonbury, although failed to say whether he will definitely appear at the world famous festival.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine, he spoke of the upcoming second series of Derek, his Channel 4 comedy that is set in a care home.

He explained that his mother, sister and three nieces have all worked in retirement homes, which has provided hime with “30 years of their anecdotes to draw on”.

“In Britain and America we don’t really take care of our old people.

“We have the attitude of out of sight, out of mind. People used to live with their grandparents but now it’s, ‘Put them in a home; we want our own life,'” Gervais said.

The 52-year-old said he isn’t afraid of dying, but fears ill health and not having a decent quality of life, adding that he is “absolutely all for” euthanasia.

“I believe you’re the master of your own body and you should be allowed to die with dignity and say when you’ve had enough,” he said.

“By the time I want to go it’ll be easy. I reckon I’ll be able to pop into Boots and say, ‘Give me the pill, I’m going.'”

The funnyman also spoke of the “incredible response” from fans after resurrecting the character of Brent with a series of sell-out shows after first bringing the Wernham Hogg boss to the nation’s TV screens in 2001.

“I’ve been offered Glastonbury, which I’m thinking about,” he said.

“Suddenly Brent is like the Rolling Stones!”

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Going for Broke to taste a bit of Italy

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Many people know of the Hunter Valley, but have you ever heard of the town of Broke? As the village dresses up for the weekend festival A Little Bit of Italy in Broke, we thought we’d learn a little more about the place.


Local Barb Brown, founder of Ascella Wines, gives us the lowdown:

BROKE IS FAMOUS FOR – “Award-winning boutique wineries and vineyards, fresh products made from local produce and gourmet eating experiences.

“Broke Fordwich (region) is situated within the striking Brokenback mountain range and iconic (escarpment) Yellow Rock. For this breathtaking landscape it is often referred to as the hidden gem of the Hunter Valley.

“It is historically recognised as the first sub-region of the Hunter, with ancient vineyards earthed here since the early 1800s.”

ITS TOP THREE RESTAURANTS ARE – “Nightingales Restaurant (nightingalewines广西桑拿,广西桑拿网,) for a laid-back, alfresco dining experience, with seating on the veranda for panoramic views.

“Margan Restaurant (margan广西桑拿,广西桑拿网,) for its seasonal menu, with 90 per cent of the fruit and vegetables plucked straight from the one-acre kitchen garden and orchard. Margan’s has free-range chickens, black suffolk lambs and bee hives for fresh unfiltered honey.

“Catherine Vale (catherinevale广西桑拿,广西桑拿网,) for something extra special. The ‘Anderson Room’ has a beautiful cathedral ceiling and professional chef for a first-class intimate dining experience.”

AS FOR WINE – “Broke hosts a diverse offering of boutique wines which are the hallmark of this historic wine making region.

“The wineries are family-run and intimate. Visitors can meet winemakers to talk through and discover wines that suit personal preferences and tastes.”

* A Little Bit of Italy in Broke is on April 12-13 (brokefordwich广西桑拿,广西桑拿网,)

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Jamison slams worst ever Carlton loss

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Carlton is taking one positive out of Sunday night’s thrashing by Essendon: a short break to put things right.


The Blues were outclassed across the ground and were never in the game against Essendon after a six goals to none first quarter.

They lost every quarter to finish 81-point losers, and have awoken on Monday to stinging criticism from pundits and fans alike.

Carlton deputy vice captain Michael Jamison said he couldn’t remember being part of a worse loss.

“It’s certainly the worst loss I’ve been involved in,” he said.

“It’s worse when you think about the supporters and everyone who works at the club who you’ve let down.”

“It was clear that Essendon just out-worked us in every part of the ground … in the end it just came down to work-rate and effort.”

Jamison took the blame off the shoulders of coach Mick Malthouse, saying the problem didn’t lie with the game plan.

“The problem is with the execution,” he said.

“We’ve got full trust in the game plan, we’re just not carrying it out for long enough.”

The Carlton leadership group led a players meeting after the 13-goal belting, with Jamison revealing the meeting told some home truths to try and build confidences into the future.

“It’s a honest conversation with all the players,” he said.

“If you can’t give feedback to each other in an honest way, there’s no way you can do it on the ground.”

The Blues face Melbourne on Saturday afternoon, with at least one side guaranteed to end their winless start to the year.

The 114-game player said that would give the Blues the chance to right Sunday night’s wrongs but foreshadowed changes to the team.

“We can turn this round in the shortest possible time,” Jamison said.

“After a loss like that you can only assume they’ll be a few changes.”

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FIFA targets child signings

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Thousands of agents and managers are out to find the new Lionel Messi: they seek out child footballers around the world and strike deals around them, in an uncontrollable business that FIFA is keen to stop.


“The business is to buy cheap and hope that the cheap purchase, which is a child from a poor country, may transform into a goldmine, as in the case of Messi,” says Juan Pablo Meneses, an expert in the child football market.

“The obsession of contemporary football is to find the new Messi.”

Meneses, a Chilean author who wrote the book Ninos futbolistas (Child footballers), thinks the success of signing Argentine Messi when he was just 13 is to blame for the child signings boom that Barcelona experienced, which led to a FIFA penalty on Wednesday.

FIFA banned Barcelona from signing players next season for violating regulations in the signing of minors, a market that has grown massively in recent years.

“There is no limit. It’s like any obsession for consumption. There is no limit in a market society,” Meneses said.

“However, what FIFA are doing with Barcelona makes me think that, although they are not setting a limit, for the first time they are issuing, like never before, a warning about something that is happening and which they cannot control,” he said.

Meneses travelled around Latin America for two years, trying to buy a child footballer as part of his research.

“I always say that Messi is the main person to blame for all that is happening, because, just as on the pitch he makes it seem like any move is easy, in the world of commercial transactions he makes it seem as if his case was an easy way to get rich: buy a poor child, from a poor city, in a poor country, for a few thousand euros, and in not too long he will be worth hundreds of millions,” he said.

Barcelona have dominated world football over the past decade, mainly thanks to players produced from their youth scheme, such as Messi, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique and Victor Valdes.

All of them – European champions with Barcelona and, except Messi, world champions with Spain – grew up in La Masia, a youth training centre that Barcelona have always been proud of as the world’s best footballer factory.

“(Barcelona’s) development model has always received the express recognition of FIFA, La Masia has always been used as an example of good practice,” the Spanish club said on Wednesday, after the sanctions were made public.

Barca’s philosophy has led them to great international success, and efforts are in place to try to export their model to other countries.

“It is being copied in Germany, by taking (Josep) Guardiola there, it is being copied in England by taking Barcelona officials to teams such as Manchester City,” Meneses said.

“Barcelona have innovated like no one else in their recruitment process. Today, there is not one very talented 10 or 12-year-old child who hasn’t been scouted by Barcelona. Those signings that Barcelona are being penalised for, who are 15, 16 years old, had in fact already been noticed by Barcelona since they were 7 or 8 years old. The thing is not all of them make it, and what happens to those who don’t?” Meneses wondered.

The Chilean expert thinks the FIFA ban may be a turning point in the lucrative business of child signings, although he remains somewhat sceptical about the moment that FIFA have chosen.

“The issue is, why now, and why Barcelona. I have two possible explanations: one is to attack Barcelona directly…and the other may be related to a slight, nice image clean-up for FIFA 70 days before the World Cup starts in Brazil, the country whose child footballers are the most expensive in Europe,” the expert said.

Current UEFA president Michel Platini has always been against signing children under 18.

“On principle, I am against transfers of minors,” Platini told dpa in Zurich a year ago. “Every country has rules about that, and they should be respected. If the rules are being respected, there is nothing one can do against it.”

Meneses noted that, in this day and age, finance is as important as goals for football clubs, and they always seen to make money out of signings, with adults and children alike.

“It is likely that in this era we will get a daughter by Messi together with a son by Cristiano Ronaldo, and when they are 20 we will send them to a paradise island to cross them and sell the resulting child to an investment fund. That is football these days. That’s why I call it post-football,” Meneses said.

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China shows off aircraft carrier to US

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China is showing off its new aircraft carrier to US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel, allowing the Pentagon chief a first-hand look at a symbol of the country’s growing military prowess.


Hagel will kick off a three-day tour of China on Monday with a visit to the carrier at Yuchi naval base in Qingdao, the first foreigner allowed aboard the vessel by the often secretive Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), officials said.

The carrier visit was “significant” as Washington has tried to forge a dialogue with China’s top brass to defuse tensions and prodded Beijing to be more open about its military, said a senior US defence official.

“We requested this and they agreed,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The carrier, the Liaoning, “symbolises for the PLA their ambition to project naval power,” the official said.

The Liaoning was a Soviet-made warship the Chinese bought and refitted, completing the work in September 2012 in a symbolic milestone for the country’s expanding military.

China also reportedly has started constructing the second of four planned aircraft carriers, amid plans to begin operating an air wing of about 30 planes off the Liaoning as early as next year.

Unlike American aircraft carriers, the Liaoning is not nuclear-powered and has a shorter range, and it has no catapult system for launching aircraft but merely an inclined ramp.

The Liaoning nevertheless reinforces the image of China as a military power with global reach and could be used in confrontations with smaller countries that have territorial disputes with Beijing, analysts say.

The carrier also coincides with major investments in submarines, anti-ship missiles and other hardware designed to bolster China’s naval clout in an area once solely dominated by the American fleet.

Before travelling to China, Hagel warned Beijing against unilateral action to resolve territorial disagreements with its smaller neighbours, drawing a parallel with Russia’s incursion in Ukraine.

“You cannot go around and redefine boundaries, violate territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations by force, coercion and intimidation – whether it’s in small islands in the Pacific, or large nations in Europe,” Hagel said on Sunday during a visit to Tokyo.

He said he would talk to the Chinese about “respect for their neighbours” and that as “a great power,” China has “great responsibilities.”

His blunt comments underscored a tougher line in recent months by the US government on China’s approach to territorial claims in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, after some Southeast Asian countries accused Beijing of intimidatory tactics.

While in Tokyo, Hagel promised to send two more missile defence ships to Japan and reaffirmed Washington’s military treaty commitments, seeking to reassure its longtime ally as Tokyo grapples with a tense dispute with Beijing over islands in the East China Sea.

The US ships would join five Aegis missile defence vessels already stationed in the area.

Although Hagel said the US warships were being sent to help counter the threat posed by North Korea, the move also carried symbolic weight amid Japan’s tense stand-off with China over the East China Sea.

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Scott determined to keep green jacket

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Adam Scott says he’s not ready to give back his green jacket as he deals with his emotional return to Augusta National as defending champion.


Scott, who broke through the Augusta National hoodoo for Australia by beating Angel Cabrera in a playoff last year looked resplendent in his green jacket as he presented trophies to winners of a newly formed junior competition on Sunday.

The kids had participated in a drive, chip and putt competition, including trying to hole Scott’s famous 72nd hole birdie putt on the 18th green.

“I thought the ceremonial duties would come a lot later in my career here,” he joked before switching to business mode.

Champions at Augusta National must return their jacket and leave it in the clubhouse after the first 12 months, unless of course they win again.

“I’ve really got this thing in my head that I’m quite determined to not leave it here,” Scott said.

“I really have enjoyed having it with me all the time and probably haven’t taken advantage of wearing it out enough.

“Maybe I was too respectful. I think I am very determined to take it with me again next Sunday.”

Scott has tried to spend some of the emotions early having returned to play for the first time the Monday after the Arnold Palmer Invitational and playing with his father Phil last Friday.

“It was nice to come here and have a hit and not have to do too much. I thought it was good to do that,” Scott said of his first round since his victory almost 12 months ago.

“I was reminded by my coach as we were walking down 10 to stop and think about the last time we were walking down the 10th fairway and how it all was.

“That was a nice moment. I think it was nice of him to do that actually, to stop and have me smell the flowers for a second.”

Phil Scott, who was in the gallery last year for the massive achievement, also had the chance to grace the hallowed turf with his clubs.

“It’s been a big thrill for both of us,” Scott said of sharing the moments with his father.

“Playing with Dad was the highlight of his golfing life he said.

“He had a great day. It was a good day for it. It was a little tricky out there. The wind was gusty. He played well.

“The greens probably got the better of him, which is the case probably for 99 per cent of the people here for the first time.

“I think for him following me around here for so many years, for him to stand in the middle of the fairway, to get a different perspective on the golf course was great.

“And just playing with him for me was fantastic.”

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McLaren’s Dennis rebukes Vettel for swearing

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The German driver had made his opinion clear at a news conference at last weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix when asked about the much quieter units that have replaced the screaming V8s.


Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt, president of the governing FIA, agreed at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday that the sound would be tweaked with the full agreement of teams.

While the FIA has cautioned drivers about keeping their language clean in public in the past, Todt told reporters he respected Vettel’s opinion and would be happy to discuss the situation.

Dennis told Sky Sports television that he was disappointed, however.

“Being a world champion requires a dignified approach to everything, so putting aside the language, even the sentiment is inappropriate,” said the Briton.

“The simple fact is if he was sat in a Mercedes he would be extremely happy, and I’m quite sure any four or five-letter words would be more of joy.

“He should just reflect on the fact he has had a period of dominance, and just because that dominance is being shaken by Mercedes, doesn’t give him the licence to be disrespectful of the obligations placed on him as a world champion.”

Mercedes, with Britain’s Lewis Hamilton and Germany’s Nico Rosberg, have won the first three races of the season from pole position and their engines have been dominant.

Vettel won the last four world championships, and nine races in a row to the end of last year, but Renault-powered Red Bull have been playing catch-up in the new era.

The German’s Red Bull team boss Christian Horner rejected Dennis’s criticism of the driver.

“Our drivers, we don’t manipulate what they say in the press,” he told reporters after the race. “They have freedom of speech.

“Perhaps the choice of his specific word wasn’t ideal but I don’t think anyone would disagree with him that the sound of the cars could be better.

“It’s his opinion and he’s free to express that. If we don’t allow drivers to express themselves, we just end up with robots.”

(Reporting by Alan Baldwin, editing by Martyn Herman/Nick Mulvenney)

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Captain America sets box office record

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Disney and Marvel could be one of the finest teams around.


Continuing the success of their superhero franchise, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has set a record as the biggest domestic April release ever. The Disney sequel debuted with $US96.2 million ($A104.49 million), topping the previous record-holder, 2011’s Fast Five, which opened with $US86.2 million.

The Winter Soldier, which stars Chris Evans as the shield-wielding superhero and Scarlett Johansson (whose sci-fi film Under the Skin also debuted this weekend with $US140,000) as Black Widow, commanded 32 international markets last weekend.

Expanding to Russia, Australia and China in its second week, the Marvel comic adaptation, boasting a budget of over $US170 million, earned $US107.1 million internationally this weekend, bringing its overall worldwide haul to more than $US303 million.

Also a touchstone for Imax, The Winter Soldier received $US9.6 million of its US haul on 346 screens showing the film in the enhanced resolution format. Internationally, it showed on 278 Imax screens, bringing in $US6.5 million, $US4 million of which was delivered from China.

Captain America: The First Avenger, which had a budget of around $US140 million, debuted in July 2011 with $US65 million. Overall, it earned $US371 million worldwide.

“The Avengers effect,” as Dave Hollis, head of worldwide theatrical distribution for Disney, calls it, set the stage for the continuation of Marvel’s massive box office presence, which includes the Iron Man and Thor franchises. With the release of the films’ sequels, both have seen earning jumps of over 35 per cent.

“There are very few movie brands that are this consistent,” Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box-office tracker Rentrak, said of the Disney-Marvel team.

“For The Winter Soldier to push on $US100 million in April shows that you can release a big movie any time of the year. Every studio is going to be looking at this date to plant their flag in the future.”

Meanwhile, Paramount’s biblical saga Noah, starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson, took a drastic dip in its second weekend, earning $US17 million after debuting with $US44 million. Still, it sailed into second place, crossing the $US70 million mark domestically, while pushing Lionsgate’s young adult science-fiction thriller Divergent, led by Shailene Woodley, to third with $US13 million in its third week. Its stateside total is now $US114 million.

Freestyle Releasing’s surprise hit God’s Not Dead took the No. 4 slot with $US7.7 million in its third weekend.

Despite the decrease in the Noah box office performance, the outcome of film’s debut, its overall haul, and the success of both “Son of God” and “God’s Not Dead” bodes well for other biblical-themed films coming this year, including “Heaven is for Real,” starring Greg Kinnear and “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” starring Christian Bale.

Coming in at No.5, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel collected $US6.3 million, bringing its domestic total to $US33 million. Fox Searchlight expanded its stylish comedy to 1,263 locations, and the studio plans to add even more in the coming weeks. This is Anderson’s second widest expansion following 2009’s Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The weekend’s other releases included Codeblack Films’ Frankie and Alice, starring Halle Berry as a dancer with multiple personality disorder. Playing in 171 locations, it earned $US350,000.

And Fox Searchlight’s dark comedy Dom Hemingway, starring Jude Law and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, had a domestic gross of $US32,000 after showing in only four theatres in New York and Los Angeles. Next week the film will expand to nearly 40 locations.

Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted, which landed at No.6 with $US6.3 million in its third weekend, and Fox’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman, coming in at No.7 with $5.3 million in its fifth weekend, were the top kiddie films. But Fox’s animated Rio 2 stands to knock them down a few notches when it opens in the US next weekend.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at US and Canadian theatres, according to Rentrak. Where available, latest international numbers are also included. Final domestic figures will be released on Monday.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, $US96.2 million ($107.1 million international).

2. Noah, $US17 million ($US46 million international).

3. Divergent, $US13 million ($US11.1 million international).

4. God’s Not Dead, $US7.7 million.

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel, $US6.3 million ($US5.5 million international).

6. Muppets Most Wanted, $US6.3 million ($US1.9 million international).

7. Mr. Peabody and Sherman, $US5.3 million ($US11.2 million international).

8. Sabotage, $US1.9 million.

9. Need for Speed, $US1.84 million ($US4.7 million international).

10. Non-Stop, $US1.83 million ($US2.5 million international).

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Kashima stay top of J-League

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Kashima Antlers beat Gamba Osaka 2-0 on Sunday to stay two points clear at the top of the J-League table as Diego Forlan’s Cerezo Osaka suffered their second defeat of the season.


Goals in either half for Brazilians Davi and Caio were enough to keep Antlers on top after six games of the new campaign, with defending champions Sanfrecce Hiroshima second after coming from behind to beat Nagoya Grampus 5-2.

“We didn’t give them any space to play in,” said Antlers manager Toninho Cerezo.

“This was more than just a win, it was a win for our tactics.”

Cerezo fell five points off the pace after losing 2-1 away to Kashiwa Reysol.

Forlan was unable to add to his one league goal since joining from Brazilian side Internacional in January, as Junya Tanaka and Leandro put Reysol in control before Yusuke Maruhashi pulled back a late consolation for Cerezo.

“It’s a good team with good young players but we need to keep going and win games,” said the 34-year-old Forlan.

“We drew the last game and now we lost, and we need to start winning games.”

Vissel Kobe moved up to third after beating Omiya Ardija 3-0, while Kawasaki Frontale went fourth on goal difference after routing Tokushima Vortis to leave the promoted side with no points six games into their debut top-flight campaign.

Urawa Red Diamonds beat Vegalta Sendai 4-0 in their first home league game since playing one match behind closed doors as punishment for a racist banner hoisted by fans.

Early leaders Yokohama F Marinos slipped further down the table after drawing 0-0 with Albirex Niigata, FC Tokyo beat Sagan Tosu 2-1, and Shimizu S-Pulse beat Ventforet Kofu 1-0.

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Mums taking parental leave sacked: report

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Almost one in five working mums lost their job before or after having a baby, a report says.


Half of Australia’s working mothers report discrimination during pregnancy, parental leave or when returning to work.

Pregnant workers say they have been sacked, threatened with sacking or didn’t have their contract renewed, according to an Australian Human Rights Commission report.

The report found 18 per cent of mothers had been made redundant, dismissed, had their job restructured or not had their contract renewed, either during their pregnancy, when requesting or taking parental leave or when they returned to work.

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick said women had their salaries cut and missed out on training, professional development and promotional opportunities.

“The most common types of discrimination … included negative comments about breastfeeding or working part-time or flexibly and being denied requests to work flexibly,” Ms Broderick said on Monday.

The vast majority of mothers who copped discrimination – 84 per cent – said it had a negative impact on them.

Victorian Legal Aid spokeswoman Melanie Schleiger said laws should be strengthened to protect mothers’ rights in the workplace.

Ms Schleiger said the current laws weren’t working, with only 154 women making complaints about pregnancy discrimination to the commission in 2012/13.

“Pregnant women are often reluctant to take on the stress and uncertainty of legal action when they are busy dealing with so many other things as they prepare for the birth of their child,” she said.

“Other reasons why women may be hesitant to come forward and make a complaint include concern about the impact on their professional reputation and a lack of awareness of their legal rights and options.”

The commission’s report also found one quarter of fathers experienced discrimination when requesting or during parental leave and on return to work.

Half of those reported discrimination on pay, conditions and duties.

“The data reflects what I have heard about negative attitudes towards men taking parental leave or working flexibly to care for their children,” Ms Broderick said.

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Big AFL win sparks more ‘Dons coach talk

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The speculation over who coaches Essendon beyond this AFL season will not go away.


Commentator Tom Harley put interim Essendon coach Mark Thompson in an uncomfortable spotlight after Sunday night’s walloping of Carlton.

Harley, who was Geelong captain under Thompson for the 2007 and ’09 premierships, says Essendon are better coached now than when James Hird was in charge.

Thompson has taken over this season while Hird serves his 12-month AFL suspension over the club’s supplements scandal.

Essendon have re-confirmed Hird will definitely return as coach later this year, following last month’s controversy where his wife Tania strongly criticised the AFL in a television interview.

Thompson has repeatedly said he will happily hand the team back to Hird later this year.

But Harley also said after the game on the Seven Network that Essendon looked more drilled under Thompson.

His comments were brought up at Thompson’s post-game media conference and the Bombers coach laughed nervously.

“He didn’t say that, did he? Here we go,” Thompson said.

“I can’t respond to that, apart from saying ‘Tommy, you silly bugger, what did you do that for?’

“It doesn’t matter how I coach – I’m coach for this year, I’m enjoying it.”

Under Thompson, the Bombers have scored impressive wins over Carlton and North Melbourne and narrowly lost to reigning premiers Hawthorn.

Thompson is relishing the return to senior coaching, cracking jokes in his media conferences and ignoring the high pressure that comes with the role.

“I’m doing things that probably a coach who wants to have a career for a long time can’t do because I’m just having a go,” he said.

“I’m doing exactly what I want.

He admitted to surprise that Essendon dominated Sunday night’s match so comprehensively.

Thompson was also rapt for Essendon fans, given the club’s struggles over the last year with the supplements crisis.

“It’s a tough 15 months,” he said.

“We haven’t beaten a good side since 2005 … so it’s been a long time for Essendon supporters.

“We’ve had a lot of problems, but they’ve stuck fat with us and our players want to give back, I certainly do.”

A major factor for Essendon so far this season is former Geelong star Paul Chapman, who kicked three goals against Carlton.

Chapman, like Harley, played under Thompson in the ’07 and ’09 Geelong flags.

“Everybody loves Chappy – our players love him, our supporters love him and all our coaches love him,” Thompson said.

“It’s a real bonus.”

Essendon had a makeshift ruck setup against Carlton, with Jake Carlisle and Joe Daniher working hard against Robbie Warnock.

Thompson said Patrick Ryder should return next weekend against Fremantle and Tom Bellchambers was also not far off coming back from his pre-season ankle surgery.

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