Expect unexpected from GoT: Jones

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Game Of Thrones star Finn Jones has warned viewers to expect the unexpected in the latest season of the TV show.


No character is safe, he warns.

He says Game Of Thrones remains true to the novels, A Song Of Fire And Ice, but it no longer religiously follows author George R. R. Martin’s storyline.

The fourth season of Game Of Thrones, in which Jones plays Ser Loras Tyrell, screened on Foxtel’s Showcase channel in Australia just hours after it went to air in the US where it crashed the streaming service HBO Go.

He says the characters on the TV show could now be killed out of sequence to the books.

“One hundred, per cent, no one is safe now,” Jones said during an interview in Brisbane.

“We see more deviation in season four, but the books haven’t been finished yet and the TV series and the books are now two separate entities.

“It doesn’t mean the show is not true to the spirit of the books, the creators love the books and would never stuff around with their spirit .. .but all the actors are scared of their characters (dying).

“I may know what happens in the book to Loras but I do not know what happens in the show and that’s the excitement.”

Jones has appeared in Game Of Thrones since the first season.

He had difficulty watching the first three seasons because he had read the books and knew where the shows was heading.

However, having seeing the first three episodes of the new season and knowing the show is slightly deviating from the novels, he’s become a fan of his own series.

“I’m a massive fan of the show,” he said.

“After seeing the first three episodes, they are so brilliant and amazing, I could not help but get lost in it.

“There’s something about season four which captures your imagination and your heart.

“To work on it, enjoy it and be a fan sends a message that the show has really hit its mark.”

Game of Thrones converts and even long-time fans shouldn’t be ashamed of referring to websites for family trees of the noble houses at war for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

Jones says even though he has read the novel and has himself been a part of the TV series for four years, even he has trouble remembering who is related to who and why.

“I constantly go to the Wikipedia website to look up the family tree,” he says.

“It’s impossible to remember because it’s a whole world.

“I’m lucky as an actor that I have someone who has done all the hard work for me and put a family tree together.”

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